MMVM Events

STEM Club Activities for the month of April

1. Different liquids have different densities. ( Experiment).

2. Adding salt increases the density of water ( Floating Experiment)

3. Why people float in Dead Sea ?

4. Density and Viscosity.

TED talk

Topic - Sweet / bitter relationship with your parents / siblings

Birthday Chart making activity

Birthday Chart making activity was organised to develop team work spirit. Children feel a sense of pride when they see their work on the display board, acknowledging their birthdays is another way to make them feel valued. Children appreciate that their special day is being recognised and a positive learning environment in classroom can be created.

Neatest bag competition.

Parameters for judgement of neatest bag were cover on books and copies and school diary with lunch box and pencil box.

Slogan writing competition. (social awareness activity by Dainik Bhaskar )

Theme –‘ Zid accident se azadi ki’

Drawing Competition on the occasion of World Art Day.

On the occasion of World Art Day ,a drawing competition was organised in which the students expressed their love and passion towards their Almamater by using paint ,brush and eisle as they painted on the topic , 'My School Through my Eyes'

Other Events