Science Lab

In our school, we are having well equipped science laboratory & science park. The aim of the science laboratory is to encourage children to think independently, to explore & experiment on their own, helping children to develop a scientific attitude. Here children are encouraged to participate & innovate.

Math Lab

Instruments in Maths lab are available according to all the topics for eg. Spring balance, Kitchen balance & common balance for measuring weight, a set of measuring glasses, Abacus, Tangram cuttings, 2 D & 3 D shapes, measuring taps etc. Some instruments are useful for many topics as multipurpose tiles can be used to explain LCM, Factors, Place values, Bill etc. Some are to improve the mental ability as well as for entertainment eg. Scrabble. There are enough instruments to be used by each student at the same time.


The state of art lab provides latest Computer system with wi-fi connectivity. It is equipped with automated lighting system to awareness raise about conservation of energy. Wi-fi enabled projector and sound bar gives surround sound effect.