Cubs & Bulbuls

Cub: Any child aged between 5-10 years is eligible to become a member of the Cub-Pack. The child who wishes to join the cub-pack must exhibit his dedication towards the rules and regulation of the pack.

Selection Criteria: A maximum number of 24 students are be selected. These students are selected by a selection committee.

In case any student leaves the cub-pack then another student can be selected for the pack.

Following Pre-requisites are required:

  • Physical ability
  • Responsible attitude towards the school
  • Academic record

Mr. Kunj Bihari Menaria (Cub Master) and Mr. Mahendra Singh Jhala (Cub Master) are responsible for training and coaching of the cub-pack.

Ms. Sana Khanam, Ms. Nida Khan Pathan (Bulbul Flock Leader) give training to the bulbul girls.

The training is given twice a week.

At times on special occasions extra time is given for trekking, social work, picnics, camping, awareness rally for education the children of the cub-pack.

Note: For further information, contact the Cub Masters and Bulbul Flock leaders.

World Red Cross day celebration

World Red Cross Day is celebrated every year as the birth anniversary of its founder Henry Dunant. 40 Cub packs and Bulbul flock students of Maharana Mewar Vidya Mandir (A Unit of Adarsh Vidya Mandir Society) visited Red-Cross Society, Udaipur to attend the Red Cross Day Event. They displayed First Aid techniques they learnt in the school to the audience present there.

RFID attendance and entry System

RFID System has been installed at the school’s entrance to ensure students security within the campus. Each student has a RFID chip which can give access to the school premises and send message to the parent simultaneously.

Aims of ECCE is holistic development

  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Cognitive
  • Physical